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You may be wondering  just what is paleo ? The  Paleolithic age is a prehistoric period of human history and Paleo is the short form word derived from the term Paleolithic.

Paleo cooking, or the Paleo diet is the result of years of research which has proved that this diet actually does work.

It is a common fact that obesity has become a massive problem right across the world. In general, our life expectancy has dropped, more and more deaths are caused by unhealthy food consumption, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and so on.

Our hectic lifestyles have unfortunately led to many of us turning to a quick solution when it comes to eating. Fast food outlets, ready meals, t.v. dinners, canned dinners may be convenient…. but are they healthy ? Do we really know what is in our processed food ? The increase in obesity and the trend of eating easy to prepare, processed food go hand in hand, so we have to ask ourselves, “is this just coincidence ?”.


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